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Mother and child oil on canvas

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Between 1981-1985 l attended The City & Guilds London Art School, where l studied Fine Art/ Oil Painting, graduating with 1st Class Hons Dip. I was then awarded a fellowship by U5NESCO to attend a course in textile conservation at Hampton Court Palace, London. I lived in London for 9 years, followed by 3 years in Tuscany.

During my time in London l focused solely on figurative work and my palette reflected the somber hues of the city. This changed quite dramatically when l moved to Tuscany. My palette brightened up and l turned my focus towards landscapes. In December 1994 l held a solo exhibition in Via Banchi di Sopra in Siena, before moving back to Malta for good in 1995.

Here l continue to paint and exhibit, and work on commissions. To mention a few; in 1995 I was commissioned by Maltapost to paint the portraits of Mabel Strickland and Inez Soler, to be printed as first day cover stamps; beteewn 1995 and 1998 l painted four wine labels for Delicata Winemakers, while in 2007 l did two oil paintings for the red and white 1919 wine labels for Marsovin. In 2004 l painted a commissioned portrait of Sydney Gatt, ex chairman of The Chamber of Commerce, which hangs within the building.

In 2016 l was invited on a cultural tour of Beijing and Henan province in China along with four other artists. This was followed up by a joint exhibition called Inspired in China, which hung in various venues around Malta and Gozo throughout the following year.

My preferred medium is oils, but l also enjoy mixing mediums which creates a bit of the unexpected.


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  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 1986: Museum of Archeology, Malta
  • 1990: Museum of Archeology, Malta
  • 1994: Poco Loco Gallery, Malta
  • 1994: Via Banchi do Sopra, Siena, Italy
  • 1995: Museum of Fine Arts, Malta
  • 1999: ‘The Four Seasons’, Vivaldi Hotel, Malta
  • 2002: Cleland & Souchet, Portomaso, Malta
  • 2003: Cleland & Souchet, Portomaso, Malta
  • 2004: St. James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity, Valletta
  • 2006: In Aid of Caritas, with husband Simon Barthet, Casino Maltese, Valletta
  • 2012: Spazju Kreattiv, St. James Cavalier, Valletta
  • 2016: Perspettivi, with Alex Dalli, Parliament Building, Valletta, and PN Headquarters
  • 2017: La Valette, VIP Club Lounge, Malta International Airport
  • 2018: ‘Dialogue’, with Ya Li, China Cultural Centre, Valletta
  • 2020: Palazzo de la Salle, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Collective Exhibitions

Collective Exhibitions

1983, 1990 & 1996: MaltaFest Summer Exhibition;

1984: The Best of New Graduate Art, Christie’s, London;
1984 & 1985: Guildhall School of Music, London

1986: University of Malta

1986: ‘Reality Face to Face’, Malta

1987: Malta Trade Fair

1987: Chamber of Commerce, Malta

1988 & 1991: British Legion Art Exhibition, Malta

1989: Lions’ Club Art Exhibition, Malta

1989 & 1990: Antiques and Fine Arts Exhibition, Malta

1990: Malta Union Club Art Exhibition

1990: Din L-Art Helwa Art Exhibition, Malta

1995: 1st International Art Biennale, Malta

1995: Women in Art, Museum of Archeology, Valletta

1996: ‘Is-Sess L-Oppost’, Art Exhibition, Malta

1996: 1st Biennale of Sacred Art, Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta

1996: Independance Day Art Exhibition, Malta

1996: Malta International Arts Festival

1999: ‘Il-Mara’, Westin Dragonara, Malta

2000: Grollo d’Oro Awards, Italy

2001: 4th International Art Biennale, Malta

2001: 4th International Art Biennale, Paris

2001: L-Istrina, Art Auction, Malta

2001: Women’s Art, St. James Cavalier, Valletta

2002 & 2003: L-Istrina, St. James Cavalier, Valletta

2002, 2003 & 2004: The Eden Foundation Art Exhibition, Gozo

2003: Millenium Chapel Foundation Exhibition, Hilton, Malta

2004: Caravaggio – La Mostar Impossibile, (contemporary section) Caraffa Stores, Vittoriosa

2005: ‘Wines and Vineyards’, Gallery G, Malta

2005: L-Istrina

2005 & 2006: Eden Foundation, Gozo

2006: Rotta tal-Arti, Indipendenza, Mdina

2006: ‘The Joy of Easter’, for the Salesian’s, Hilton, Malta

2007: 6th Biennale of Christian Art, Mdina

2007: Glorious Gozo, Hilton, Malta

2009: For Caritas, Castille, Valletta

2011: Manoel Theatre, Valletta

2011 & 2014: For Caritas, Castille, Valletta

2016: Inspired in China, China Cultural Centre, Valletta

2016: Xeni ta Malta, for Perugina, Museum of Archeology, Valletta

2017: Din L-Art Helwa, Auction

2017: Dar tal-Providenza, Auction

2017: Inspired in China, Skyparks, Malta

2017: Inspired in China, Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta

2017: Inspired in China, Parliament Building, Valletta

2017, Inspired in China, Ministry of Gozo

2017: Malta Arts Fair, MFCC

2018: Din L-Art Helwa

2018: Dar tal-Providenza

2019: ‘Villa Frere’, Gallery 23, Balzan

2019: Malta Community Chest Fund, Auction

2019: Dar tal-Providence, Auction